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Cumbuco is a beach in the municipality of Caucaia, where the Fishermen's Village is located. With the potential to host Kite Surf events, the Vila was busy and attracted tourists from all over the world. The main feature of the place is to mix moments of total tranquility, with moments of party and excitement, depending on the period. And mix the rustic with the sophisticated.
In general, it is very quiet, safe and fun!



Be sure to take a stroll along the gigantic edge of this little piece of the west coast of Ceará. The sea is calm and the sunset is incredible!


Buggy and Dunes

The Sea on one side, the Dunes on the other. The best way to get to know the dunes is by renting a Buggy and taking a ride, which can be "with emotion" or "without emotion".



Another incredible and adventurous ride is in the freshwater lagoons. Skibunda, banana bolt and zip lines are some attractions. It is also good for taking salt out of the body!

Bars and restaurants


For all tastes and pockets. Cuisines from different parts of the world. It has a branch of the famous Chico do Caranguejo and our alternative darling, Sentation by B, on the beach.

Surf and KiteSurf


Known as the 3rd best place for sports, it is worth taking some Kite Surf lessons with qualified instructors. An incredible and healthy experience, mind and body.



Cumbuco has a shopping center around the square, where markets, fishmongers, beach fashion stores and various other services are located that will support your stay at the Camping.

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