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Very Cool Little Things from Camping Flor & Cabelo

CAMPING ESTAÇÃO CULTURAL FLOR & CABELO has this intimate dynamics, stimulating interaction, collectivity and sharing the experiences of campers with others and nature. Learn more about the benefits for those who stay with us.

cozinha coletiva

Collective Kitchen


The Kitchen is the main interaction area of the Camping.
It is an open space, ventilated and equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, gas, plates, glasses and cutlery, household items, table for meals, spices, mineral water, pots.

ilha pic nic

Pic Nic Island

In the area of tents, we have the Pic Nic Island, which is a space with a table for up to four people, decorated with graffiti by Jr. Zapata. A chat, a snack, a work area, games and interaction for children. A good multipurpose.


24H security

The Camping is closed, has an electric fence system and night surveillance making the round. Anyway, the Cumbuco region is very safe and quite peaceful.

Lojinha e Livraria
bblioteca e jogos

Library and library

Pick up a book, lie on the hammock. Reading is a pleasure for us and we want to share it with everyone who visits the Camping. Therefore, we will constantly expand our "teak". In addition to books, games will be part of the collection, setting up a fun space to serve not only the Camping, but the entire community.

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area de fogueira
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