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In 2020, a network of companies came together to organize a Cultural Circuit, where, in cooperation, we would work in favor of local culture and spaces for fun, conviviality and exchange. The Circuito Cultural das Dunas do Cumbuco was born from the partnership of the companies Casa Odara, Pousada Recanto Mineiro, Castanhola Restaurante and Pousada Cumbuco Kite, in addition to the Flor e Cabelo Camping Cultural Station. Our commitment to the Cumbuco community has led us to one of the most culturally strengthening actions in this region. Events, cultural and social actions, support for artists and other causes are among the many creative activities that are born within the Circuit and come to life for society. We are family above all else.

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Camping Flor & Hair Cultural Station

Camping Estação Cultural Flor & Cabelo is our home. Our backyard! And we're talking about ours, about everyone.

It is in this collective spirit and in this energy of sharing that we think, structure and put into practice all the actions that made this idea come out of the paper and come to life.

It all started in a podcast about politics, in 2014, with small pretensions, whose name would be Estação XXI - even in Roman. From this idea arose the desire to have a space for eye-to-eye debate, exchange of ideas, affections and welcome.

It took us a few more years to create the Banca Cultural Flor & Cabelo in Vila Velha / ES. The idea seemed to take shape, making a mix of cafeteria, bookstore, library, candy store, tobacconist and good music, all in a space of 15m2. However, the public bureaucracy made us leave the square and since then we were looking for a place to face this dream project.

We are a family owned and operated business.

And he was born in Ceará!
As an independent and alternative cultural Camping, which will add multiple services and activities, creating a network of partnerships and solidarity to encourage local culture, stimulate tourism in the region and develop its surroundings.

With the help of family and all friends, we delivered to the community of Cumbuco our greatest jewel in the certainty that we will have incredible fruits arising from this exchange of experiences.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The gates will be open, join this alternative family!

Flower & Hair

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